For each of the following massages, you can try a specialist ampoule:

     DRAIN ampoule - fight against swelling and water retention - price: PLN 69
     SLIM ampoule - effective in combating cellulite and excess fat - price PLN 79
     LIFT ampule - effective treatment for flaccid skin - price: PLN 119

Classic Full Body Massage

Classic massage is a therapeutic treatment which uses the greatest number of techniques intended for muscles. It is particularly effective in muscle tension, back and spine pain caused by fatigue and stress.

Duration: 55 min.; Price: PLN 210


Relaxing Massage

Relaxing massage is an ideal way to overcome both physical and mental fatigue. Gentle, harmonious movements are incredibly relaxing, stimulating the natural energy and vitality.
Duration: 55 min.; Price: PLN 200


Mellow Candle Massage
This is an exclusive care ritual which extremely relaxes body and senses. Natural waxes and aromatic mixture of essential oils contained in the candle will leave the skin wonderfully moisturized and silky smooth. 

Duration: 55 min.; Price: PLN 240


Hot Stone Massage 

This is a relaxing massage with the use of hot basalt stones. The combination of warm stones with appropriate manual massage techniques will relax tired and stressed body and mind. It is recommended especially for stressed people and those who like heat.

Duration: 55 min.; Price: PLN 230


Ritual Facial Massage /

Face Lifting Anti-Aging Massage
You can choose from two types of this massage:

– A holistic massage of face, head and neck combined with the nourishing effects of oils and relaxing sound of Shanti bells.

– Intensive lifting massage using techniques that improve the elasticity of facial muscles and skin.

Duration: 25 min.; Price: PLN 130


Relaxing/ Lifting Face, Neck and Cleavage Massage Performed with Magic Globes

Magic globes massage is a combination of manual massage and magic globes. Smooth moves result in deep relaxation and gentle stimulation of skin and muscles. During the massage, the liquid in the balls is soothing which further enhances the effect of relaxation.It can also be performed in cryo version with cool magic balls, reducing puffiness, swelling and enlarged pores.

Duration: 25 min.; Price: PLN 130


Vegan Ritual Body Massage

The ritual, relaxing massage of the body, head and feet is preceded by cleansing feet bath. The massage is accompanied by the sound of Tibetan bowls and Shanti bells. Vegan aromatic grape seed and sesame oil strengthens the collagen fibres, while gentle massage and wonderfully scented oils deeply relax body and mind.

Duration: 75 min.; Price: PLN 290


Intense Anti-Cellulite Massage

A vigorous firming massage may be combined with Chinese bubble massage or rollers. This massage also has a draining effect which is why it increases blood and lymph circulation in the body, making its detoxication easier.
Duration: 25/55 min.; Price: PLN 150/220


Partial Massage

Classic or relaxation massage focused on selected body part.
Duration: 25 min.; Price: PLN 130


Relaxing Foot Massage with Reflexotherapy

This unique, relaxing massage with reflexology elements improves well-being, relaxes and will make you feel lighter.
Duration: 25 min.; Price: PLN 130 


For the highest quality of our treatments, we use the best, safe and natural products from

(Danu Cosmetics)

"MOKOSH does everything at 100%. Our base products for rituals do not contain any additional, unnecessary ingredients and are not diluted. Our oils, salts, clays, mud and essential oils are labelled 100%, which means that they have maximum concentration and do not contain any artificial additives, preservatives or fillers. The products of the MOKOSH LINE series are made of top quality raw materials. Our oils, hydrolates and essential oils are sold in top quality bottles made of dark pharmaceutical glass. We never compromise; we offer only such cosmetics that we ourselves use and we are 100% sure of their effectiveness."