Vanilla Spa is the official ambassador of Bioline Jatò in Lesser Poland.



"Dietetik"- Nourishing and Cellulite Under Control

The treatment was developed to intensify lipolysis and to fight inflammation of adipose tissue / cellulite and to nourish and firm the body. The first stage is a caramel peeling with sugar crystals removing dead skin cells and increasing the penetration into the tissues of the active ingredients slimming and firming. The next step is the local application of caffeine rich and modeling ingredients for the serum, stimulating fat burning. The culminating part of the treatment is a massage using a slimming paste, which thanks to high concentrations of active ingredients, combats excess fat tissue. In the extended version of the treatment, the massage is preceded by a paste of the whole body paste to maximize slimming and nourishing effects. The whole is accompanied by a very pleasant caramel-creamy aroma. The result is a slimmer silhouette, slimming, nourishing and firming the skin.

Duration: 55/85 min.; Price: PLN 300/350


Vegan Body Care Ritual

The ritual starts with a cleansing foot bath in the Relaxation Zone. Afterwards you will experience a rejuvenating salt peeling with coriander seed and avocado oil and have a vegan balm rich in active ingredients applied. During the entire ritual you will be accompanied with the sounds of Tibetan gongs, Shanti bells and rain...

Duration: 75 min.; Price: PLN 290


Jojoba Ritual

The Jojoba Bio oil is a powerful antioxidant. It moisturizes and softens dry skin, and soothes irritation and inflammation. A relaxing massage is preceded by a body peeling. The ritual may be extended with a light kaolin mask which will sooth and calm the skin and supplement it with minerals.

Duration: 55/85 min.; Price: PLN 240/290


Argan Ritual

This rejuvenating ritual combined with a peeling is based on precious Argan Bio Oil which is also known as the elixir of youth. It contains antioxidants and vitamin E which counteract the ageing of the skin, and unsaturated fatty acids restore its protective barrier. The ritual may be extended with a revitalizing body mask.

Duration: 55/85 min.; Price: PLN 280/330




100% Natural Peeling

A mixture of sea salt crystals and natural sweet almond oil successfully removes horny skin cells, moisturizing and smoothing the skin at the same time. It works perfectly before other treatments.

Duration: 25 min.; Price: PLN 120


Relaxing Feet Bath

Exclusive feet bath and peeling followed by a massage remove fatigue and increase the positive flow of the energy in the body. This bath perfectly cleanses and nourishes the dry feet skin.

Duration: 45 min.; Price: PLN 160



Special treatments to be individually carried out in the Sauna and Bath Zone.


Intensive Therapy – Face Treatment

The face mask contains clay rich in nutrients, and active ingredients the absorption of which is increased by the steam sauna.

Duration: 20 min.; Price: PLN 60


Intensive Therapy – Hair Mask

Shampoo, peeling and hair mask which are rich in herbal nutrients deeply moisturize and regenerate scalp and hair, strengthening and improving their condition at the same time.

Duration: 20 min.; Price: PLN 60


Intensive Body Smoothing Therapy

This 100% natural peeling which is a mixture of sea salt crystals and natural oil successfully removes horny skin cells, moisturizing and smoothing the skin at the same time (available only when the VIP sauna is exclusively booked).

Duration: 25 min.; Price: PLN 80


For the highest quality of our treatments, we use the best, safe and natural products from

(Danu Cosmetics)

"MOKOSH does everything at 100%. Our base products for rituals do not contain any additional, unnecessary ingredients and are not diluted. Our oils, salts, clays, mud and essential oils are labelled 100%, which means that they have maximum concentration and do not contain any artificial additives, preservatives or fillers. The products of the MOKOSH LINE series are made of top quality raw materials. Our oils, hydrolates and essential oils are sold in top quality bottles made of dark pharmaceutical glass. We never compromise; we offer only such cosmetics that we ourselves use and we are 100% sure of their effectiveness."